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How to Download TikTok Videos Without Watermark: A Step-by-Step Guide


Millions of people ​use TikTok ​every day to ​make and ​share short movies. ​It has ​become a big ​hit in ​the world of ​social media. ​But most TikTok ​videos have ​a watermark that ​shows the ​TikTok brand and ​the username ​of the person ​who made ​the video. This ​watermark is ​a way for ​TikTok to ​promote its platform, ​but many ​users prefer to ​download videos ​without it so ​they can ​share content on ​other social ​media sites or ​keep their ​best videos for ​personal use.

​In this detailed ​guide, we’ll ​show you how ​to download ​TikTok movies without ​the watermark ​in a number ​of different ​ways. Please keep ​in mind ​that if you ​download movies ​from TikTok without ​the creator’s ​permission, you may ​be breaking ​TikTok’s rules and ​copyright laws. ​Make sure to ​respect the ​rights of the ​people who ​made the material ​and only ​download videos for ​your own ​use or with ​the right ​permissions.

​1. Using outside apps

​How to ​Understand Third-Party Apps

​Third-party apps ​are outside software ​or apps ​that aren’t made ​by TikTok ​but are made ​to help ​users download TikTok ​movies without ​watermarks. These apps ​often have ​extra features, like ​the ability ​to download videos ​in groups ​or change the ​style of ​videos.

Use of ​Third-Party Apps: ​Pros and Cons


easy ​to use most ​of the ​time.
May have ​extra tools ​like downloading in ​groups.
Could ​work on both ​computers and ​phones.

Malware ​or data ​theft could be ​security risks.
​TikTok’s terms of ​service were ​broken.
The app ​may or ​may not be ​safe and ​reliable.

Using a ​third-party app, ​here’s how to ​download TikTok ​videos without a ​watermark.

  • Do ​some research and ​choose a ​third-party app you ​can trust: ​Look for reviews ​and suggestions ​from people you ​know and ​trust to find ​a safe ​app.
  • Get the ​app and ​run it: Go ​to the ​app store on ​your device, ​such as the ​Google Play ​Store or the ​Apple App ​Store, and download ​the app ​of your choice.
  • ​Open the ​app TikTok: Start ​TikTok and ​look for the ​movie you ​want to save.
  • ​Copy the ​link to the ​video: Tap ​”Share” on the ​TikTok movie, ​then tap “Copy ​Link.”
  • Open ​the app from ​a third ​party: Start the ​app you ​just downloaded.
  • Copy ​this link: ​Paste the link ​you copied ​into the field ​in the ​third-party app.
  • Choose ​choices for ​downloading: Choose the ​movie quality ​and format you ​want (if ​available).
  • Get the ​movie file: ​When you click ​the download ​button, the app ​will process ​the TikTok movie ​and download ​it without a ​watermark.
  • Get ​to the movie ​you downloaded: ​The video should ​now be ​in your device’s ​gallery or, ​based on how ​the app ​is set up, ​in the ​app itself.
  • value ​copyright and ​privacy: If you ​download videos, ​use them in ​a responsible ​way and value ​the rights ​of the people ​who made ​them.

Using ​online tools ​to download TikTok ​videos

Online ​Downloaders: A Brief ​Explanation

Online ​TikTok video downloaders ​are tools ​that you can ​use on ​the web to ​download videos ​from TikTok without ​having to ​run any extra ​software. You ​just type in ​the URL ​of the movie, ​and the ​downloader makes a ​link that ​lets you download ​it.

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Online ​TikTok video downloaders ​have both ​good and bad ​points.


​There’s no need ​to run ​anything.
Any device ​with an ​internet link can ​use it.
​Easy to use ​most of ​the time.


​Possible security ​risks (use websites ​with good ​reputations).
Compared to ​apps, it ​has fewer options.
​TikTok’s terms ​of service were ​broken.

How ​to Use an ​Online TikTok ​Video Downloader, Step-by-Step

  • ​Open TikTok: Find ​the movie ​you want to ​download on ​the TikTok app ​or website.
  • ​Copy the URL ​of the ​video: Tap “Share” ​on the ​TikTok movie, then ​tap “Copy ​Link.”
  • Choose a ​free tool ​to download videos ​from TikTok: ​Use a trusted ​online downloader ​like “TikTok Downloader” ​or “SaveFrom.”
  • ​Paste the URL: ​On the ​site of the ​online downloader, ​paste the URL ​you copied ​from the TikTok ​movie into ​the field.
  • Click ​the “Download” ​or “Generate Download ​Link” button ​after you have ​pasted the ​URL.
  • Select the ​video quality ​(if available): Some ​online downloaders ​may let you ​choose the ​video quality/format. Choose ​something.
  • Get ​the movie file: ​To start ​the download, click ​the final ​download button or ​link that ​the online downloader ​gives you.
  • ​Get to the ​movie you ​downloaded: The video ​should now ​be on your ​computer or ​in the downloads ​folder of ​your browser.
  • Respect ​copyright and ​privacy: If you ​download videos, ​use them in ​a way ​that is responsible ​and follows ​TikTok’s terms of ​service and ​rules about copyright.

​3. Using ​features that come ​with TikTok

​How the built-in ​features work

​TikTok has added ​some features ​that let users ​download videos ​without watermarks right ​from the ​app. This is ​a better ​way to use ​TikTok and ​is in line ​with their ​rules.

Use of ​TikTok’s built-in ​features: Pros and ​Cons


​Legal and in ​line with ​the rules of ​service for ​TikTok.
No need ​for apps ​or sites from ​outside sources.
​easy to use.

Only ​videos whose creators ​have made ​downloading possible can ​be downloaded.
​Can’t be used ​for secret ​or restricted videos.

​How to ​Download TikTok Videos ​Without a ​Watermark, Step-by-Step Using ​the features ​that come with ​TikTok

  • Open ​TikTok: Open the ​app on ​your phone or ​tablet.
  • Look ​for the movie ​you want ​to save: Find ​the movie ​you want to ​save by ​browsing or searching.
  • ​Check to ​see if you ​can download ​videos: On the ​page of ​the movie, look ​for a ​”Download” or “Save ​Video” button. ​If it’s there, ​the person ​who made it ​lets people ​download it.
  • Tap ​the download ​button: If you ​can, just ​tap the download ​button, and ​the video will ​be saved ​to your device’s ​gallery without ​a watermark.
  • Get ​to the ​movie you downloaded: ​Depending on ​your device, you ​should now ​be able to ​find the ​movie in the ​gallery or ​”Downloads” section of ​TikTok.
  • Respect ​copyright and privacy. ​Always be ​smart about how ​you use ​downloaded movies and ​follow TikTok’s ​terms of service ​and copyright ​laws.

4. Recording ​the screen

​What Screen Recording ​Is and ​How It Works

​Another way ​to download movies ​from TikTok ​without a watermark ​is to ​record your screen. ​In this ​method, you record ​the video ​as it plays ​on the ​screen of your ​device.

Screen ​recording has both ​pros and ​cons.


  • Works ​for all ​TikTok movies, no ​matter how ​they were set ​up to ​be downloaded.
  • Doesn’t ​need apps ​or websites from ​outside sources.
  • ​Captures movies in ​the quality ​they were made ​in.


  • ​Longer movies may ​need more ​space to store.
  • ​Could record ​things on the ​screen, like ​comments or alerts.
  • ​To get ​rid of unwanted ​material, you ​might have to ​trim it ​by hand.

How ​to Make ​TikTok Videos Without ​a Watermark: ​Step-by-Step Guide

  • Open ​TikTok: Open ​the app on ​your phone ​or tablet.
  • Find ​the movie ​you’d like to ​save: Find ​the movie you ​want to ​save by browsing ​or searching.
  • ​Start to record ​the screen: ​Use your device’s ​ability to ​record the screen. ​Most of ​the time:
  • On ​iOS, swipe ​down from the ​top right ​corner (or up ​from the ​bottom on older ​devices) to ​open the Control ​Center, then ​tap the screen ​capture button.
    ​On Android, swipe ​down the ​notification bar, look ​for the ​icon that looks ​like a ​camera, and tap ​it.
    Play ​the video from ​TikTok: If ​you tap the ​movie, it ​will start to ​play.
  • Stop ​recording: When the ​video is ​done, tap the ​recording button ​in the notification ​bar (Android) ​or the red ​status bar ​(iOS) to stop ​recording the ​screen.
  • Access the ​video you ​recorded: The video ​you recorded ​will be saved ​without a ​watermark in your ​device’s gallery ​or camera roll.
  • ​If you ​need to, trim ​the video ​with an app ​for editing ​videos to get ​rid of ​any parts or ​features you ​don’t want.
  • Respect ​copyright and ​privacy. Be smart ​about how ​you use recorded ​videos and ​follow TikTok’s terms ​of service ​and rules about ​copyright.

​5. Tips for being ​careful about ​copying and privacy

​Find out ​about copyright laws

  • ​When you ​download and share ​TikTok videos, ​you should always ​follow copyright ​rules and intellectual ​property rights.
  • ​You should only ​download movies ​for your own ​use or ​with permission from ​the creator.
  • ​Don’t use movies ​you’ve downloaded ​for business without ​the right ​permission.
  • Pay attention ​to your ​country’s fair use ​and fair ​dealing rules, which ​may let ​you use some ​copyrighted content ​for things like ​criticism, commentary, ​or education.

Concerns ​about privacy

​When you download ​movies from ​TikTok, you should ​think about ​privacy.
Do not ​download or ​share videos that ​invade someone’s ​privacy or go ​against the ​rules of the ​TikTok community.
​Get permission from ​the people ​in movies before ​you download ​or share them.

How to ​Use Things Right

​If you ​share a TikTok ​video you ​downloaded on another ​site, you ​should always give ​credit to ​the original creator.
​Do not ​get rid of ​or change ​watermarks, logos, or ​usernames on ​movies you have ​downloaded.
Use ​downloaded material in ​a responsible ​way and follow ​TikTok’s rules ​and terms of ​service.


​In this ​detailed guide, we ​looked at ​several ways to ​download TikTok ​movies without watermarks, ​such as ​using third-party apps, ​online downloaders, ​TikTok’s built-in features, ​and screen ​recording. Each method ​has pros ​and cons, so ​choose the ​one that fits ​your wants ​and preferences the ​best. But ​remember to always ​follow copyright ​and privacy laws ​and use ​the downloaded material in ​a responsible ​way. By following ​these rules, ​you can enjoy ​TikTok material ​without watermarks without ​breaking the ​law or being unethical.

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