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The 15 Best Travel Strollers of 2023, Thoroughly Tested and Reviewed


Traveling with a ​young child ​can be a ​rewarding experience, ​but it can ​also be ​hard at times. ​Travel strollers ​are small, light, ​and made ​to make it ​easy for ​you to take ​your child ​around the world. ​In this ​in-depth piece, we ​look at ​the 15 best ​travel strollers ​of 2023, putting ​them through ​a series of ​tests and ​reviews to help ​you choose ​the right one ​for your ​family’s trips.

How ​Travel Strollers ​Have Changed

Travel ​strollers have ​come a long ​way since ​the days when ​they were ​big and hard ​to push. ​Modern travel strollers ​are made ​with new ideas ​and practicality ​in mind to ​meet the ​needs of families ​who move ​a lot. The ​most important ​things about these ​strollers are ​portability, ease of ​use, and ​comfort for both ​the kid ​and the parent.

​Criteria for ​testing

For our ​list of ​the best travel ​strollers of ​2023, we put ​each one ​through a number ​of tests ​that looked at ​things like:

​a. Portability: We ​looked at ​how heavy the ​walkers were, ​how big they ​were when ​folded, and how ​easy they ​were to carry ​or store.

​b. Maneuverability: We ​looked at ​how well the ​walkers handled ​different types of ​terrain, how ​easy they were ​to turn, ​and how easy ​they were ​to move around ​in general.

​c. Comfort: We ​looked at ​the seats and ​padding, the ​ways the strollers ​could be ​changed, and how ​smooth the ​ride was for ​the kid.

​d. Durability: We ​looked at ​how well the ​strollers were ​made, including the ​materials used, ​how strong the ​frames were, ​and how much ​they had ​worn down over ​time.

e. ​Safety Features: We ​looked at ​the safety strap, ​the way ​the strollers stopped, ​and how ​stable they were ​overall.

The ​15 Best Baby ​Strollers for ​Travel in 2023 ​a. The ​Babyzen Yoyo2: This ​classic stroller ​is great because ​it folds ​up small, is ​easy to ​push, and works ​with baby ​car seats.

b. ​The Uppababy ​Minu is a ​strong option ​because it has ​an all-wheel suspension, ​a large seat, ​and can ​be folded with ​one hand.

​c. Bugaboo Ant: ​A versatile ​stroller with a ​seat that ​can be turned ​around, choices ​for reclining, and ​a very ​small fold.

d. ​Silver Cross ​Jet: This stroller ​has a ​frame that can ​be extended, ​a large storage ​area, and ​a comfortable seat.

​e. Mountain ​Buggy Nano: This ​stroller is ​made for traveling ​and has ​a quick-fold system, ​a car ​seat adapter, and ​a shoulder ​strap to make ​it easy ​to take.

f. ​GB Pockit+: ​The Pockit+ is ​so small ​and light that ​it holds ​the Guinness World ​Record for ​the smallest fold.

​g. Maclaren ​Mark II: This ​stroller’s frame ​is made of ​aircraft-grade aluminum, ​which makes it ​strong and ​light. This makes ​it a ​great trip companion.

​h. Chicco ​Bravo: The Bravo ​can be ​folded with one ​hand, reclines ​in different ways, ​and has ​a seat that ​can be ​turned around for ​extra convenience.

​i. Joovy Groove ​Ultralight: This ​walker has a ​large canopy, ​a leg rest ​that can ​be moved, and ​a large ​basket for storage.

​j. Summer ​Infant 3D Lite: ​A cheap ​choice with front ​wheels that ​absorb shock, a ​seat that ​reclines, and a ​stylish design.

​k. Delta Children ​Clutch: Made ​for short trips, ​the Clutch ​folds up small ​and can ​be carried with ​one hand.

​l. Peg Perego ​Pliko Mini: ​The Pliko Mini ​is a ​good choice because ​it folds ​up small, has ​handles that ​you can change ​the height ​of, and has ​stabilization on ​all four wheels.

​m. Graco ​Jetsetter: A flexible ​stroller with ​a seat that ​can be ​laid back, a ​harness that ​can be changed ​from three ​to five points, ​and a ​one-hand fold.

Scenera ​Cosco Next: ​This lightweight stroller ​is great ​for tourists on ​a budget ​because it is ​easy to ​fold up and ​small.

Evenflo ​Pivot Xpand: This ​stroller isn’t ​the smallest, but ​it can ​be made bigger ​to fit ​a growing family.

​Making Your ​Choice Fit You

​Choosing the ​best travel stroller ​for your ​family relies on ​a number ​of things, like ​how you ​travel, how old ​your child ​is, and what ​you need. ​Think about the ​kind of ​travel you’ll be ​doing, how ​much storage room ​you’ll have, ​and any other ​features that ​are important to ​you.


Travel ​strollers have ​changed how families ​see the ​world because they ​are easy ​to use, portable, ​and comfortable ​for both parents ​and kids. ​This piece talks ​about 15 ​travel strollers that ​have been ​tested and reviewed ​thoroughly to ​help you make ​a good ​choice. When you ​go on ​trips with your ​little one, ​these strollers can ​be your ​trusted friends, making ​it easy ​and fun to ​move through ​new places.

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