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Academic Appeals: What Students Must Keep in Mind

Whether you want to appeal a grade, disciplinary action or dismissal, or refuse to offer accommodations for a disability, you may think about going to the office of the school president. However, to ensure a successful appeal, you must know what proper steps to take. It can help to contact an attorney from Lento Law Firm to know your options and the rights you must protect. 

How to Avoid Disciplinary Action from the School

As a student, you must read the student handbook to know about the school’s grade requirements and the maintenance of financial aid awards. Students must also be aware of when they can drop classes, take a formal leave of absence, or take a medical leave. Such temporary withdrawals from the school can prevent students from having sub-par standing with the school. 

The student handbook should have a policy in terms of deadlines and the appropriate steps to take when appealing a school decision. Students may familiarize themselves with all potential avenues they can explore. In addition, they need to ensure they find the handbook sooner as such matters are often time-sensitive. 

Filing an Academic Appeal

If you are not happy with the disciplinary action taken against you by the school, you can file an appeal to the school or the Board of Education, depending on the seriousness of the sanction. The Board of Education handles appeals on school expulsions. Meanwhile, appealing decisions regarding progressions are often made within the school.  You can raise an appeal as soon as possible following your receipt of the decision you want to appeal. This makes sure you can effectively investigate the case and quickly implement action to set things right. When you make an appeal, you must make sure you clearly know the outcomes you want to seek. If you prevail in the appeal, the school may let you move forward to your next semester of study, go through a supplementary year for completion of failed units, repeat one whole year of study, or remove penalties to assessment-level outcomes. Remember that the appeals process cannot be used for asking your professional to re-mark your work. 

Once you are ready to make an academic appeal, prepare as soon as possible. When you submit your appeal promptly, you can have the best chance of getting a positive outcome. Ensure to submit the appeal form with supporting evidence. Your attorney should be able to help you prepare and submit the appeal, ensuring you don’t miss out on anything. 

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